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Marcialonga Fiemme & Fassa

Marcialonga Fiemme & Fassa

On 29-01-2017 h: 08:00

International cross country ski race that takes place the last Sunday of January. The 70 km track has to be covered just in classical technique...

The Marcialonga route: since the first edition, the Marcialonga’s starting line has been situated in the Moena’s plain. The cross country ski race goes uphill through all the Val di Fassa, along the Avisio river. The athletes have to chance to watch the Sella Group up to Canazei where they need to reverse the way across the river and going back to south. The descent to Cavalese is very sweet: you meet Campitello first, Pozza di Fassa, Moena and later, Predazzo. After having crossed all the Val di Fiemme, the athletes will face on a last, long, hard climb to Cavalese, before the race finish line.

Athletes are called to choose between two itineraries: the classical one, 70 km of lenght (from Moena to Cavalese, passing through Canazei), and the shortest "Marcialonga Light" with 45 km to cover (from Moena to Predazzo, passing through Canazei). Since 2000, the Marcialonga is part of both the prestigious Worldloppet circuit and the FIS Marathon Cup.

Take the opportunity of this event to organize a holiday in Val di Fassa!

Alpen Hotel Corona is just 7 km from Moena

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