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Travelers insurance

Insurance policy for vacations

Occasionally, something can happen before the start of a trip. With our cancellation insurance you are financially protected. Secure yourself and take out this trip cancellation insurance Hotel Cancellation right now!
The insurance that offers travel assistance and reimburse your place penalties for cancellation of your stay in the hotel for reasons such as illness, injury, redundancy, and much more.

Storno Hotel is an insurance that protects the customer when interrupting the holiday resulting in a money save. With Storno Hotel from Assiglobal you have the warranty of refund in case of not leaving, deleting reservation or interrupting at the accomodation place. You don't have to worry because Assiglobal will refund directly the hotel if the case is included in the policy. Stornohotel lets you book your vacation thoughtfully without being worried of paying your vacation in case of problems.

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