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If you book your Spa Rituals in advance you have the double advantage of choosing amongst the available treatments and scheduling them for any time you wish.

Any booking cancellation must be notified to us at least 24 hours in advance of the booking

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BAMBU' massage - 60 MIN

This technique works in a very similar way to stone massage. Hands are used to work over the muscles and the cane is used to focus on knots. Muscles relax to a deeper level when the cane is warmed. The principles and benefits of general massage are found in this modality. As the cane is used instead of the hand, all techniques and modalities can incorporate the use of bamboo canes

€ 65

Hot Lava Shell Massage - 60 MIN

This massage treatment is for anyone wanting to feel soothed and relaxed or for someone wanting a firm deep massage. The heat and the shape of the shells allows the massge therapist to work deeper into the muscels than with oils and hands, making this massage perfect for everyone.

€ 75

Massaggio PINDA SWEDANA - 60 MIN

This is a warm herbal poultice Ayurvedic massage. Herbal bolluses appropriate for your constitution (Dosha) are heated and applied using massage. Benefits: stimulates circulation stimulates lymphatic movement reduces muscle pain helps to manage arthritis assist with inflammatory joint conditions elevates depression and anxiety

€ 75


carried out by a professional masseuse

HOT STONE massage - 60 MIN

The hot stone massage is an ancient art used in the past. Effects of massage: increases blood circulation, improves blood circulation and arterial venous return, and improves fluid retention (lymphatic circulatory settle), reduces muscle pain, improve mobility of joints, relaxes the paravertebral muscles, relaxes the main equipment interior, drainage and reclaimation of tissues.

€ 70

Sports massage - 60 MIN

The sports massage consist in preparing the muscles for physical exertion. The purpose of the massage is to make the muscles more flexible, oxygenated and therefore ready to exercise. The sports massage can be pre-race (which is designed to warm the muscles and improve blood circulation), post-race (which is meant to remove the waste produced during the massage)

€ 75

Draining massage - 50 MIN

The lymphatic drainage massage is a combination of circular movements and surges, which are followed very slowly and rhythmically to promote lymphatic circulation. Them through manual lymphatic drainage is a general renewal of interstitial or intracellular fluid. Indicated for the treatment of cellulite.

€ 65

Connective tissue massage - 60 MIN

Is a massage who stimulates the connective tissue and allows the movement of the general mechanisms of dynamic adjustment of the circulation and the metabolism of waste disposal and waste products. In addition,consists in relexology that involves the central nervous settle causing reactions in organs distant from the point of work

€ 70

Thai massage - 60 MIN

Thai massage is a body treatment given to recover the "life force" and restore balance bio-energetic. The massage is inspired by the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian ayurvedic medicine, and is enriched with elements of yoga and stretching.

€ 80

Candle massage - 60 MIN

The massage involves all five senses, sight: you look at the light of the candle while vegetable butters of which is composed is dripping nicely on the skin, the sense of smell: you feel the delicate and precious perfumes butters that evoke pleasant situations, feeling: press to listen to the rhythm of the hands that glide over the body during the massage, the taste: the skin absorbs the butter melted and is suckled. You let yourself be pampered by the pleasant sensation of drops of vegetable butter that slowly warmed by the flame, gets on the skin with a gentle heat, relieves tensions, giving pleasure, tone and vigor to the body.

€ 70

Neck massage - 15 MIN

€ 15

Back Massage - 30 MIN

€ 30

Oxygen facials - 60 MIN

€ 70

COCKTAIL Revivre - 60 MIN

Intensive moisturizing complex for dehydrated and sensitive skin. It re-establishes the natural skin functions restraining the dehydration process, restoring tone and freshness

€ 70

Reshape - body programm - 60 MIN

Silhouette harmony, body wellbeing
REVIVRE takes care of the entire body facing all the inaestheticism at 360 degrees. Thanks to the innovative program RESHAPE, REVIVRE suggests a new integrated system which combines the already well-known and tested efficiency of active ingredients with products of the last generation that expand their activity through new and pioneer biologic pathways

€ 70


Facial Treatments

Facial cleansing - 70 MIN

€ 55

“Soin Vitalité” - 60 MIN

Revitalizing treatment.

€ 80

Manicure with polish -

€ 35

Pedicure -

€ 35

Medical pedicure -

€ 40

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