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Vigo di Fassa, a beautiful ladin town!

Vigo di Fassa, a beautiful ladin town!


Vigo di Fassa the most beautiful villages in Italy

The Alpen Hotel Corona, the 4-star superior hotel in the heart of the Dolomites, is located in Vigo di Fassa. Midway between Moena and Canazei, from Vigo is among the most beautiful villages in Italy, and is the ideal place to reach all the most famous peaks of the Dolomites, from the Monzoni to the Catinaccio, Latemar, Sella and Marmolada groups

Vigo is located on an ample and sunny terrace. The Parish Church of San Giovanni and the Santa Giuliana Sanctuary are the symbols of the town - for centuries a religious, administrative and political capital of Val di Fassa. Since the early Nineteenth century, geologists and mountaineers began to arrive here, finding accommodation in the Inn called "Alla Corona D'Oro" (Golden Crown), inaugurated in Summer 1809.

The hamlets belonging to Vigo di Fassa are also beautiful to see - including Tamion, about 4 km from the main town, a hamlet that is still very typical and quiet. Between the houses you can still find the ancient hay barns, and a small church. In the summer, various walks allow you to discover all these beautiful and picturesque villages. In the winter, on the other hand, you can follow the route of Nativity Scenes, either on foot or using snowshoes.


The Santa Giuliana Sanctuary - The Gothic sanctuary of Santa Giuliana (patron saint of Val di Fassa) - the existence of which is recorded as far back as 1237 - is one of the oldest in the valley, and was built on the site of a prehistoric religious structure, the Ciaslìr fortified borough (castelliere). Below the church, it is possible to visit the War Cemetery, which is home to the bodies of 663 fallen soldiers of the First World War, coming from various countries which, at that time, belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Museo Ladino di Fassa - Would you like to explore the history, culture, language and traditions of Val di Fassa? All you have to do is visit the Museo Ladino (Ladin Museum) in San Giovanni. What the locals refer to as the "treasure trove of memory" collects the ethnographic collections of the Istitut Cultural Ladin. The museum is a concentration of modernity, thanks to a state-of-the-art multimedia system. With the help of interactive touch-screen computers, it is possible to access numerous short films illustrating the history of the Ladin people of Val di Fassa.

The "jewels" of Val di Fassa - Vigo is home to the most extensive collection of dolomitic minerals, which rose from the sea 250 million years ago. They have been collected and accurately archived in the Museo Mineralogico Monzoni (Monzoni Mineralogic Museum), just a short walk from the Parish Church of San Giovanni. In fact, all over the world Val di Fassa is renowned for its extraordinary wealth of fossil and coral formations, which originated thanks to volcanic henomena that involved the Dolomites in the distant past.

Entorn Vich, the key event of the summer - This is one of the most important events in Vigo during the summer time. Between tastings of Ladin cuisine and local products, the food and wine tour under the stars is served! Walking in the evening through the streets of the town centre, completely closed to traffic, you can also see concerts, folk group exhibitions, and "revivals" of ancient trades, with local artists and artisans.

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